Ukulele Chords to Summer Holiday

Ukulele Chords to Summer Holiday

Summer holiday is one of Cliff Richard’s most popular songs. Now you can play it on a Ukulele with the help of chords. We have listed down the chords and strumming pattern in this article. Once you learn the chords, you can perform the song yourself in no time.

Cliff Richard

The chords to Summer Holiday are C, Am, Dm, G7, D, UDU, D (down). Cliff Richard performs the song on his 1963 “Single” album. To learn how to play the song on your ukulele, follow Cliff Richard’s strumming pattern.


Ukulele chords for summer holiday are easy and fun to play. Just remember the basic strumming pattern. These chords are easy enough for beginners to play. Try them out and see how easy they are. You’ll be playing along to your favorite songs before you know it. You might even be able to sing along with the tune!

Cynthia Lin is an independent ‘uke musician who has released 7 albums. Two of her most recent albums reached the Billboard charts when they were first released. She also performs regularly with a jazz and uke combo called the Blue Moon All Stars. She is an inspiration to those who want to pursue a musical career. Lenny San Jose is another ukulele performer who started his career on a BART train. His YouTube channel has over 77,000 subscribers and over 10 million views.

You can also take your ukulele on a road trip! You can visit music stores along the way and jam out at campsites. You could even take a road trip on Route 66, the famous route from Chicago to L.A. It’s 2,000 miles long and can be a great way to explore a new region.

ukulele chords

If you’d like to learn to play ukulele chords to summer holiday, you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of this popular song. We’ll also take a look at the song’s key and tuning.

ukulele strumming pattern

Whether you’re taking a summer vacation or just want to hone your guitar playing skills, you can use a simple ukulele strumming pattern to create some holiday fun. The basic chords used in the summer holiday song are C, Dm, G7, and A. The pattern is easy to learn and uses a simple strum pattern.

It’s a beautiful, classic sound that conjures up images of the islands and Hawaiian culture. Think tiki huts, hula skirts, and lei, and you’ll instantly be transported to Hawaii! Learn how to strum these simple rhythmic patterns and you’ll have a great summer holiday in no time.

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