Summer Holidays ESL Lesson Plans

Summer Vacations Vs Winter Vacations

If you’re looking for ideas to teach your summer holiday students English, consider turning your classroom into a mini amusement park. Set up a pretend roller coaster, games station, and concession stand, and let the students play various ESL activities. For example, students can play a Rhyming Game, Pictionary, and Charades. They can also play “Cakewalk,” a game in which students have to yell out a vocabulary word and use it in a sentence.

Reading comprehension questions

Reading comprehension questions in summer holidays ESL lesson plans are a great way to check student’s reading skills. They also help students express their opinions. This activity is ideal for the first week back at school as it gives students time to catch up on the topics they’ve missed over the summer.

To start with, students can describe the activities they did over their summer vacation. Then they should choose a picture that best represents the activity. They can also pose questions about the summer holiday. The questions should include questions that have a similar format to the test questions.

Writing prompts

Writing prompts for summer holidays are a great way to get students thinking about their summer plans. They can help them think critically, apply figurative language, and develop their reasoning skills. These lessons can also introduce students to the concept of lists. Students can use these prompts to create lists of different things that they would like to do during the summer.

You can find many writing prompts on the Internet that can help you get your students excited about the end of the school year and the coming of the summer holidays. Whether you are teaching a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, these activities will help students develop the necessary skills to write in a variety of genres. These activities are also a great way to encourage students to continue their studies. Some of these ideas can also be used to create self-paced lessons and activities.

Students can also try a 30-day writing challenge that presents a new writing prompt every day. This activity is great for the summer, since the students will be excited to share their work with their families. The writing challenge can be easily customized to suit the interests of your students.

Verb conjugation relay race

If you’re looking for ways to make your summer holidays more interesting, why not try a Verb Conjugation Relay Race? This activity uses an inflatable beach ball to teach vocabulary. Each team member is given a pronoun and has to decide on the correct verb conjugation for it. If they miss a point, the other team has to conjugate the verb for them.

Verb conjugation relay games can be played in many situations, including speaking or writing. Students can learn to pay attention to context, tense, and how to conjugate verbs correctly by playing mad libs. In fact, even native speakers frequently mix up their verb conjugations when they speak, which is one reason why they need to practice.

Ice-cream lesson plan

When the summer holidays roll around, it’s time to reminisce over ice-cream. An ice-cream lesson plan is the perfect way to encourage students to share their memories of the summer. In this worksheet, students will cut out ice-cream scoops and cones and write three of their favorite memories on each one. This ‘getting to know you’ activity can help students learn more about each other.

An ice-cream lesson plan can help students learn about different kinds of ice-cream and new words for each flavor. For example, you could set up an ice-cream shop where your students can use real money. This activity will also give your students an opportunity to practice vocabulary words related to the five senses.

Alternatively, you could use a magazine article to teach the topic. Include interviews with fictitious people who did something on Ice Cream Day. Then, read it out to your class and ask them to give feedback. Be sure to check their answers in the “THE READING / TAPESCRIPT” section of the lesson plan.

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