Summer Holiday Sims 3 Activities

Summer Holiday Sims 3 Activities

Summer Holiday and Sims were made for each other. Summer Holiday offers more options to your Sims than any other game in the series. Unfortunately, this also means that it hurts your Sims 2 game. However, there are still plenty of things you can do during Summer Holiday to make it more fun for everyone.


There are plenty of activities in Summer Holiday Sims 3 to help you spend your days in the best way possible. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your Sims, the holiday season is the perfect time to start. There’s a variety of things to do, from picking up free food to getting involved in mischief. If you want to play with the holidays in a new way, you should make sure to check out the Holiday Calendar mod. Unlike the Wheel of the Year mod, this mod will change the calendar to reflect the holidays. Sims will still go to school and work, but they will have a different schedule. Those same activities will also give them gold, which they can then spend on other things in the game.

Another activity is the Holiday Party, which will give your Sims a chance to socialize with other Sims. To host this party, invite two guests and light the menorah or Kinara. While you’re at it, don’t forget to work on pranks. In order to play pranks on others, you need to select the Mischief option. Besides, you can also choose to open a present from the gift pile and use it to play tricks on people.


Summer holiday is a time for celebrations and having fun, and you can add Moodlets to your Sims to add to their holiday cheer. There are several different types of summer activities, such as surfing, raft building, and fireworks. You can even get special items to make your Sims feel more festive, such as a photo booth.

You can even get moodlets for the different places you visit. Moodlets will affect your Sim’s mood and will last for a set amount of time. For example, if you visit France, Egypt, or China, you will receive a moodlet called “Visited France.” This moodlet will last for two days, and will increase your Sim’s positivity by around 15 percent.


The Mermaids have a lot of different abilities based on water. Some have good traits, while others have evil ones. You can also create a Mermaid by consuming mermadic kelp, which you can then feed to your Sim. This new pet has a number of different abilities based on how your Sim reacts to it.

Mermaids aren’t the only animals you can find in this island. In the Island Living expansion, you can take your Sims snorkeling and wading in the water. Children can also turn into mermaids, although the genetic traits don’t show until they’re teenagers. They also don’t have their own style of bassinet, but you can find one with an ocean theme using the Mermaid Bassinet mod by Srslysims.

Hot dog eating contests

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting summer holiday activity, consider entering a hot dog eating contest. Nathan’s Famous recently announced their July Fourth International Hot Dog Eating Contest. In the contest, competitors compete to see who can eat the most hot dogs in the shortest amount of time. The winner of this contest will receive a prize worth $1 million.

Nathan’s Famous is a brand that has been popular for over a century. Its hot dog contests are held around the country and are hosted in many locations. This year, the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is being held at Maimonides Park in Coney Island. The competition is broadcast live on ESPN.

Gift-giving parties

There are two new types of parties in the summer holiday Sims 3: Christmas parties and Gift-giving parties. Both parties are open to anyone, and can be instructed over the phone. During a Christmas party, the Sims will receive a gift from each guest. These gifts will then be added to a large pile on the floor. The Sims will then gather around and open them in a random order.

The Sims will receive a gift if they visit a neighboring occupied house. Usually this is candy, but there are also seasonal treats. They’ll even get a Cracklin Nackerbell gnome! But be careful to keep the house occupied. Sims will get angry if the house is empty.

Seasonal festivals

Seasonal festivals are events held during each season. They take place on the last Friday or day of a season. The Sims can dress up in new styles or decorate their homes to celebrate the season. They also have the option to win prizes at the festivals. All of the events take place in a new location, the Festival Grounds. This location replaces the largest park lot.

Players can also participate in seasonal festivals in The Sims 4. There are information boards in each neighborhood for information about upcoming festivals. Once they receive the notifications, they can teleport their Sims to the festival location. Festival objects will appear in their neighborhood, but after the festival is over, they will return to normal street objects.

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