Summer Holiday Activities For 6 Year Olds

Summer Holiday Activities For 6 Year Olds

Summer vacation is a time when kids can have a great time and it’s essential to keep them entertained and engaged. Long periods of idleness can be extremely boring for kids. Summer holidays can also be a great time for parents to spend some time with their kids. These are just a few ideas that can help keep kids entertained and happy during the summer months.

Borrow my Doggy

While the school holidays are traditionally a time for family gatherings, summer holidays can also offer a chance to bond with a dog. Borrow my Doggy is a website that matches children with dogs that are in need of new homes. The site also offers seasonal craft activities that children can do with their new four-legged friend. These can include painting pottery and making seasonal items.

To borrow a dog, members simply search the site for a dog in their area. The site has hundreds of members who are willing to lend their pet. Each listing includes photos of the dog, their services and their availability. The website also allows you to search for a dog owner in your area, and this can be a great way to meet other dog lovers.

Building a city out of boxes

For a cheap, fun activity for the kids, try building a city out of boxes. Use old boxes from online deliveries as building blocks. Once glued together, create any number of buildings by adding and arranging pieces. You can also add paint to the boxes, and you can also use oil-based sharpies or acrylic paint.

Making ice lollies

Making ice lollies is a fun and healthy activity for hot days, and it can be extremely inexpensive. You can get moulds for a few pennies each, and you can use them again. Ice lollies are a healthier alternative to ice cream, and they can be decorated with fresh fruit. Young children will love this fun activity.

If you are unsure what to make, you can always purchase ice lolly recipe kits. There are a number of recipes for these treats, from fruity pops to yoghurt pops. A superfood, blueberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. You can also make delicious and healthy pops using chocolate. Oh My Veggies have a delicious recipe for ginger peach pops. There are also dairy-free and sugar-free ice lollies available, including sneaky veg lollies.

Making a time capsule

Making a time capsule can be a fun activity for children and can be a great way to capture memories. They can include questions on their future goals, what makes them happy, and even their report cards. Using photographs, videos, and other media will help them create a layered memory.

The time capsule can be decorated in a number of ways. One option is to decorate it with colorful pebbles and bird feathers. Other materials include colored paper and dried flowers. Time capsules that are to be buried in the dirt can be decorated inside as well.

You can also include a family tree. It’s a fun way to remember a family.

Assembling an assault course in the back garden

If you want to keep your children occupied during the summer holidays, then assembling an assault course in your back garden is a great way to keep them busy and entertained. Using any item that can be jumped over, under, around, and through, you can create a fun obstacle course for the kids. They can race each other and beat their personal best scores. You can even set up a weekly Ninja Warrior event for them to compete against each other.

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