If Your Summer Holidays Are Cancelled – Plan a Staycation Instead

If Your Summer Holidays Are Cancelled - Plan a Staycation Instead

If you’re looking to travel this summer, there are many reasons why you might find that your summer holidays have been cancelled. One reason is that the Covid virus has resurfaced and has caused restrictions on travelling. Another is that airlines are reducing their schedules to avoid short notice cancellations. Thankfully, there are other ways to plan your break. One of the most practical options may be to take a Staycation.

Covid virus could rekindle travel restrictions

The latest outbreak of the Covid virus is spreading across the United States, and some states are imposing travel restrictions in response to the threat. Washington State, New York City, and the San Francisco Bay Area were among the first to implement travel restrictions, but since the outbreak’s beginning in mid-March, other states and localities have followed suit. In some cases, restrictions have already been rolled back, while others have begun to loosen them. Because of the spread of the virus, restrictions could be re-instituted.

Several countries are adopting new measures in response to the Covid virus. The United States has banned travel from eight countries in southern Africa, including South Africa, where the virus first emerged. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom and Japan have both implemented new travel restrictions, though only for international arrivals.

Airline cancellations are to prevent short notice reductions

British Airways has announced that it will cancel thousands of flights to and from the UK over the summer holiday season. The airline has been forced to reduce its schedule due to shortages of staff and a surge in travel demand. In April and May, the airline is cutting 10% of its flights. The cutback comes as the aviation industry has been facing some of its toughest times in recent years.

This summer, United Airlines, JetBlue, and Alaska Airlines have already trimmed more than 100 flights daily. The reductions come as summer travel season approaches and airline companies scramble to reduce costs and inconvenience. Some airlines, such as Delta, have taken measures to ease customer frustration. Delta has offered free flight changes outside of the busy holiday weekend. The policy is valid until July 8. Other airlines are also offering incentives. JetBlue Airways has started paying flight attendants for extra time.

Staycations may be the most practical Plan B

If your summer holiday is cancelled, the most practical Plan B may be to plan a staycation instead. Staycations not only give you the rest you need, but they also save you money on travel expenses. Traveling can be stressful: you have to figure out what to pack, rush to the airport, and deal with jet lag. Also, you’ll have to figure out where to stay.

Delhi government advises all private schools to remain closed on Saturday

The government has issued an advisory to all private schools in Delhi to stay closed on Saturday. The schools will need to implement all precautionary measures, including wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, using sanitiser, and creating awareness about the disease. The move comes as the case of Covid has increased dramatically, with cases in Delhi jumping as much as 26 per cent in the last 24 hours.

The AAP’s chief spokesperson recently visited some of these schools and called upon the government to take action against those involved. He also highlighted the poor condition of the buildings, toilets, and campuses.

British Airways cancels up to 105,000 journeys

Hundreds of flights are being axed by British Airways this month, with up to 105,000 passengers being affected. The airline says the decision is part of its broader plan to reduce travel chaos and create a more realistic flight schedule. It says it has also taken into account staff shortages.

As passenger numbers have skyrocketed, Heathrow airport has struggled to cope, and problems with baggage handling systems have lead to lengthy delays in the return of luggage. It is likely that more flights will be cancelled throughout the summer. The company has apologised to affected travellers and is offering refunds or alternative flights.

Gatwick caps daily operations in July and August

After suffering a spate of cancellations and delays last summer, London Gatwick and Amsterdam Schiphol have announced they are limiting daily flight operations in July and August. Both airports will reduce flights from around 900 a day to around 825 a day during this period. The reductions come amid staff shortages, including those among air traffic controllers.

The airport is considering implementing the cap in July and August to combat rising costs and improve service. It says that the decision follows a rapid upsurge in air traffic levels. But it is unclear whether this will apply to other UK airports.

European countries considering a “health passport” to allow for a shorter summer season

In order to combat the risk of the Coronavirus (a type of virus that makes the body weak) that could make summer vacations difficult, some European countries are considering a “health passport”. The ‘passport’ would allow travellers to prove that they are virus-free and no longer infectious. It would allow them to travel freely across Europe, even if the other country is closed to tourists. Greece is one such country, which is considering the idea. It has also announced a vaccination campaign for its smaller islands in preparation for the summer months.

Although the health pass scheme is being considered by several European countries, several members of the European Union have expressed concern that the new system could discriminate against those without the vaccine. Once enacted, the “pass” would be mandatory for international travel, and it would also apply to restaurants and pubs that attract large crowds.

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