How to Improve Your Speaking Skills Over the Summer Holidays

How to Improve Your Speaking Skills Over the Summer Holidays

To improve your speaking skills, you can try writing down your summer holiday memories. This will help you develop your English communication skills and will serve as a guide when you have to speak in front of a class. Although you do not need to provide many details, you should give the audience a general idea about the things you did during your summer holidays. It is also important to organize your thoughts before you speak.

Exercise 3mind map

Use a mind map to help your kids develop their speaking skills over the summer holidays. The mind map should include pictures and key words to inspire pair and class discussion. The second page should include opinion cards and structuring phrases, which pupils can select to include in their answers in discussions. The students should use these cards as prompts for answering questions in pairs.

Exercise 4retell the text

Have your students retell the text of their summer holidays. This way, students can practice different kinds of vocabulary related to the subject. In addition, they will have the opportunity to read texts that describe other people’s holidays and participate in various exercises. In the end, they will be able to use the vocabulary in the context of their own holidays.

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