Examples of Words Associated With Summer

Examples of Words Associated With Summer

Using appropriate language is crucial to having a good summer holiday. You can avoid a lot of holiday blunders if you have the right vocabulary. In this article, we’ll go over some examples of words associated with summer. You’ll find words to describe various activities, from Pictionary games to worksheets and riddles. You’ll also find activities that involve arts and crafts.

Pictionary activities

If you’re looking for creative activities to entertain your kids, try incorporating Pictionary into your summer holiday plans. This classic game is perfect for the entire family and is an excellent way to improve drawing skills, challenge yourself mentally, and spend quality time together. To keep your children engaged, you can make printable Pictionary cards and laminate them to make them last longer.

A standard game of Pictionary involves four players per team, but it can be played with fewer or more players. To get started, you’ll need a whiteboard, sketchpad, and paper (you can reuse scrap paper from the recycling bin). A timer can help you keep track of the time and ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to play.


If your kids have a summer holiday coming up, you can help them prepare for it by providing them with worksheets that feature summer themes. These worksheets can be used for different activities, from creative writing prompts to math word problems. You can even find charming coloring pages to use with the worksheets.

Summer worksheets are great to keep kids occupied on road trips. They not only keep them quiet but also reinforce the skills they learned during the school year. For younger children, these worksheets can be helpful with counting and tracing, shapes recognition, and reading. Many worksheets also feature poems and bookmarks to encourage reading.


Summer holiday riddles can be a great way to keep children entertained and engaged. There are plenty of different types of riddles available for different ages and interests. Some summer riddles tell about the weather, castles, fields, and other natural phenomena of the season. While many riddles are designed for children, adults may also enjoy the challenge of deciphering them.

Riddles can be fun for all ages and can be incorporated into a kid-friendly scavenger hunt or used whenever boredom strikes. Some riddles involve animals, while others can be about numbers.


There’s no shortage of summer craft ideas for the kids. Craft sessions can be combined with scavenger hunts. For example, you can make nature mobiles using the treasures you find in the garden. You can use shells and natural coloured beads to decorate the mobiles. You can also make a bookmark with the same materials.

Crafts can also help children develop essential life skills. By using different materials, kids can learn about properties of different materials, how to combine them, and how to solve problems. In addition, they will gain a sense of accomplishment once the project is complete.

Inspirational quotes

Summer is a great time for outdoor activities and fun. Make ice cream at home, take on a project outdoors, or simply watch the sunrise and sunset from your front porch. Whatever your summer plans may be, these inspirational quotes can help you get through them! Here are 50 quotes that will get you in the summer mood.

Summer is a great time to travel. Whether you want to explore Europe or hit the road, summer vacation quotes are the perfect inspiration for a memorable holiday. If you’re planning to visit Greece, or a country in the Mediterranean, a summer vacation quote can make you feel more excited.

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